Birth Preparation Courses

To guide and support you through pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

The Motherhood Academy offers you a series of fantastic online antenatal and postnatal courses incorporating simple but powerful hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools and techniques.

Striving to educate and empower you to the MAX, The Motherhood Academy offers you a range of different programs:

1. The Hypnobirthing Mini Course gives you all the essential information you need to prepare for your baby's birth in the most positive way! Comprising of 8 audio and video modules, a detailed written guide, positive affirmation pdfs and 3 fabulous relaxation mp3s, the mini course is a great introduction to hypnobirthing and it only costs £30!

2. The Badass Birthing Queen School offers you a full online hypnobirthing course giving you all the information you need to rock your baby's birth with calm and confidence! Comprising of over 50 audio and video modules, a 30-page written guide, a birth partner guide and video, a birth preferences example and template, 7 relaxation mp3s and loads of bonus modules, this is the right choice for you if you are ready to learn all you can about how to have a positive and empowering birth experience! All this for just £97!

3. The Positive Birth Academy (An online course and coaching program - details to follow soon!)

4. Mama You Got This! (A positive postnatal online course coming soon!)

Birth Preparation Courses

To guide and support you through pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

Why are the courses so inexpensive?

Anja wants to make high quality antenatal and postnatal education available to as many women as possible around the globe! Signing up for in-person classes can be costly and some women simply cannot afford them.

Anja is passionate about helping as many women as possible to access great antenatal and postnatal education hence the low-price tags.

The Motherhood Academy online course allow you to invest in yourself and your baby without any economic stress. Also, as long as you have wifi, it removes location, time and childcare obstacles, allowing you to access the modules wherever you are and whenever you have a few minutes spare.

Your Teacher:
Anja is mother to a little girl called Rosie, a Pregnancy and Hypnobirth Coach and founder The Motherhood Academy! After experiencing fear and anxiety in the lead up to her daughter's birth, she attended a hypnobirthing course which totally transformed her mindset. She went from panicky and unprepared to calm, confident and looking forward to meeting her baby! She went on to have a beautiful water birth in the comfort of her own home.

Inspired by her birth experience, she trained as a hypnobirthing practitioner under one of the world's most highly esteemed antenatal educators and went on to create The Hypnobirthing Mini Course and The Badass Birthing Queen School!

She is currently in the process of creating The Positive Birth Academy coaching program and the Mama You Got This post-natal course!

When she's not running around after her little girl, she dedicates her time to helping pregnant women around the globe to have positive experiences of childbirth and teaches them how to navigate through motherhood feeling empowered and happy!

Birth Preparation Courses

To guide and support you through pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

"The Badass Birthing Queen Online Course was incredibly helpful in preparing me and my partner for one of the most amazing days of our lives! The information presented within the modules was thorough, but concise and discussed in a way that was easy to understand. This is a program for increasing knowledge and empowerment that I would HIGHLY recommend to any expecting mother." Sam S (first-time mum)

"Completing Anja’s Badass Birthing Queen Online Course has completely changed my views on the birthing process. Anja’s in-depth knowledge and positive attitude has made me feel 100% better about the whole journey. The online resources have been great and I feel like I’ve had all the information I need to understand the birthing process and lots of advice and tips on how to have the most positive birth. The course has been an incredibly positive experience and I’m so glad I took part, Thanks so much Anja! xx" Kim S (first time mum)

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Anja’s course to women and their partners who are preparing for the birth of their first or subsequent baby. It’s a complete and comprehensive positive birth preparation course which will arm you with knowledge, self-belief and all the other little tricks that will enable you to have an empowered and calm birth experience." Ann-Marie H (mum of two)